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Our Specials

Healthy Salads


Shakes with full of goodness, taste & indulgence!

Healthy Salads

High Fries

A truly high and flavourful option, our french fries will always keep you high in a palatable state.

Gourmet Burgers


Delicious and appetizing fillings placed inside a sliced bread bun with cooked patty, tomato, onions, cheese, salad and chef’s secret sauces.

Gourmet Burgers

Grilled Sandwiches

Delectable and savoury fillings stuff into grilled sliced bread with chef’s secret sauces.

Gourmet Burgers


Made with love and different toppings covered with chef’s secret sauces.

Our Story

Started off from Pune in the year 2017, The Magic Bottle brings to you delicious Bottle Shakes, Frappo (Creamy Cold Coffee), Choco-Laates (Semi Ice Cream Shakes), Ice Creams, Fruit Shakes, Hot Beverages, Snacks & much more. With an aim to give magical experience worth remembering across all generations. Our sole purpose is to serve memories captured in magical bottles of delight. Magic Bottle is budding, dynamic and ready to bring this happy and healthy world of milkshakes to you. Come experience this journey with your daily dose of happiness!

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Our Products


The Magic Bottle invite entrepreneurs to venture into the fun, Exciting and Fulfilling business of Milkshakes, Snacks and Hot Beverages, By using our Brand name you too can join our ‘Milkshake Revolution’! Jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey with Pune’own Atmanirbhar Milkshake Cafe Brand.

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